Turkey Sailing Videos

Sailing Turkey

We make our Landfall in Bodrum - a yachting capital on the Turkish Mediterranean coast. If you want to charter this is a good base. We visited the historic castle formerly of the Knight Crusaders.
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The Turkish coast northwards has many nice stops. This one is the charming former greek village of Ayvalik.
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Sailing up the Dardanelles bound for Istanbul. We went in high summer and didn't encounter many other yachts on the trip.
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A big thrill to arrive in one of the great Cities of the world by boat! Istanbul has a couple of marinas that can accommodate transient boaters but they can be busy and are usually full with their own Turkish boat owners. Best check in advance and reserve but its well worth the effort!
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Travelling inland in this large country is quite rewarding. We went trekking in the Turkish Lakelands. Spectacular and quite uncrowded. We took 3 days and travelled by car leaving the boat in the protected harbour of Marmaris.
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The southern Turkish coast is is main boating centre. Again travelling a bit inland reaps big rewards!
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History abounds on this coast. Former Greek towns and ancient tombs carved in the cliffs plus many protected anchorages make the Turquoise Coast. This is on the Dalyan River. Too shallow to take your own boat - we went with a riverman for the day.
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Turkish Sailing is featured in Season 3 and is available for download here on Vimeo