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The Saintes

The "Iles Des Saintes" - or "The Saintes" are a small island group just off Guadeloupe. This is the main anchorage.
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The shot above is taken from this fort. We rented a scooter and explored...
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Small fishing boats in the main harbour. No big hotels, no big crowds and a very relaxed pace. One of our favourite stops!
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In town... its a small tropical french village. Think bakery, croissants etc... also a few nice restaurants.
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Diving in the Saintes.
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The harbour in Saint Barts. Notice the moorings in the inner harbour. They are all "fore and aft" tied moorings. There was a free one so we tied up in here but in the main season it is less likely you could get one. There is a reasonable anchorage outside (to the left just out of frame)
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St Barts is home to the rich and famous and many large yachts in the season. It is THE place to be for New Years... apparently. We were there in May and it was quieter and very nice.
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The Airport is quite exciting. The runway has a tall hill on the approach path, plus the runway itself is quite short. So planes have to come in close over the hill to get down on the runway in time. A bit of shock if you are driving on the roundabout here and find a plane just over your windshield!
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Don't let the runway dissuade you from visiting! They have a good safety record (well... fairly good) and anyway its great to visit by boat!
Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands - Chris Doyle's excellent guide! Complete and frequently updated.
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Chesapeake, ICW & Leeward Islands - Season 6
We visit The Saintes in Season 6 and continue on to explore tiny exclusive St Barts.
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