Greek Islands Sailing Videos

Sailing the Greek Islands

Sailing the fabulous Greek Islands was a huge dream for us! We arrived here sailing south from Croatia back in 2002 and explored these islands for the next 3 years! (along with exploring nearby Turkey). Overall we made more than a dozen programs on the area. A true sailors’ paradise. For more info on the episodes we made click here. We also added extra DVD commentaries for sailors planning their own voyages in these islands. The Greek Episodes are also available for Digital Download - see the top of this page for "Seasons" or below for individual episodes...
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Crossing through the Corinth Canal - Magic!
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Amazing historical sites - Delphi!
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Rhodes was one of our favourite destinations. But there are many more for you to discover!
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Greek Sailing is featured in Season 2 and is available for download here on Vimeo and in Season 3 here on Vimeo