Sailing Montserrat Videos


You can sail quite near Montserrat but it is best to check with the volcano observatory for up-to-date warnings. The current hazard level dictates how close you can approach different parts if the island.

Here is the newsletter we did on visiting Montserrat.
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Our guide, Jadine, tells Sheryl about the events of the eruptions and evacuation of Plymouth in the background.
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Plymouth is buried under many meters of volcanic ash.
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Dramatic and brooding... Montserrat is a sobering sight. The northern half of the island is still populated and is quite separate from the evacuated southern part. It is a safe and interesting island to visit.
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Leaving Montserrat we head for Guadeloupe and go through the bridge that divides the two halves of the island. The Riviere Salee cuts the island in half but takes less than an hour to go through. The bridge hours are restricted so we had to go through before dawn.
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Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands - Chris Doyle's excellent guide! Complete and frequently updated.
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Chesapeake, ICW & Leeward Islands - Season 6
Includes an episode visiting dramatic Montserrat. From there we continue on to Guadeloupe.
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