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Saba Sailing

Its a nice short day-sail across from St Martin. We are just heading in behind the island where the moorings are laid for visiting yachts. The anchorage is quite deep and most people anchor. We did a Newsletter with lots of detail on the island of Saba
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Excellent hiking up in the Cloud Forest. There are many excellent trails and the island is a great place for hikers. Saba is quite tall and the high trails are surprisingly cool on a hot day.
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Hearing stories from locals in the bar in Windwardside.
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Saba is a lovely island. This shot is from the mooring field behind the island. If you plan to visit you will want to look for settled weather where there isn't north swell which would make the moorings uncomfortable. Well worth the effort.

If you don't get good weather to take the boat, you can grab a ferry or flight over and stay in a B&B for a few days. Don't miss Saba!
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Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands - Chris Doyle's excellent guide! Complete and frequently updated.
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Chesapeake, ICW & Leeward Islands - Season 6
Includes an episode on visiting the magical island of Saba.
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