Norwegian Sailing Videos


Cruising the Fjords of Norway are a dream for many sailors! The coast is beautiful and the area is a great cruising ground.

We wrote a Newsletter about sailing from Shetland to Norway crossing the North Sea, and another on cruising the Norwegian Coast.
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Although the season is short it is spectacular and was well worth the journey when we cruised it in summer 2011.
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Tied up at the dock in Bergen. We found dockage was not expensive. Norway has a reputation as an expensive destination, but visiting on your own boat means you can skip the pricey meals out, and overall the budget for the summer was not out of line with other European cruising destinations.
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Deep in the Sognefjord. We only saw a few other cruising boats in the week we cruised this fjord..
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The outer lines of islands were great to investigate and provided more spectacular anchorages.
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Norwegian Cruising Guide - a great e-cruising guide - it was a great planning tool for the trip and great to have in PDF form on our iPad.
Norway - RCC Pilotage Foundation - Excellent detail and sketch charts, all RCC Pilotage books are excellent!
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Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Brittany
We made two programs on cruising the Norwegian waters for Season Eight of Distant Shores.
Passage to Norway - starts with crossing the North Sea from Shetland - 220 miles to Bergen and exploring the lovely archipelago to Haugesund.
Sognefjord (Norway) - follows the trip all the way inland to the innermost depth of the spectacular Sognefjord - the longest fjord in Europe.
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