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Southerly 42 Distant Shores

After sailing Two-Step for 18 years we were well overdue for a change. We had long wanted a shallower boat to revisit the Bahamas, and canals that we enjoyed exploring. But we weren’t willing to give up the ability to cross oceans. Then we found the Southerlies. Built for over 40 years in England they had a good reputation as well built, tough boats. The newer ones all have twin rudders and handle the seas very well. See our old blogs on the early times with the Southerly 42. Check out my blog entries on this shoal draft sailboat.
southerly 42 plans
Below is the interior layout of the 42 which we had. It was an optional 3-cabin layout, a neat trick but nothing comes without a cost. Notice that the third cabin is squeezed in where the forward head is on the original version, and the head is now on the starboard side. The galley is also quite a bit smaller with the 3-cabin layout. But for us one of the biggest costs was that we lost the separate shower stall! In some ways I think we would never have sold the 42 if we had had the original version.
southerly 42 3 cabin plans
Original 2-cabin layout below...
southerly 42 plan view
There have so far been nearly 50 of these boats built... here is our Southerly 42 being launched at the factory in the south of England.
southerly 42 sailing BVI
One of our favourite features in the raised saloon so you can see out from where you sit!
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Nice Nav station from which you can also see out. Galley is down and just forward.
southerly 42 galley
Down the stairs is the large and luxurious aft cabin...
southerly 42 aft cabin
Aft cabin is quite large and luxurious. Much more space in the Southerly 42 than our old Classic 37.
southerly 42 aft cabin
She draws just 2’9” and can dry out when you swing up the keel!
southerly 42 on the beach

Sailing Video Bahamas

Check out one of our videos on the 42 sailing in the Bahamas

Beaching your boat?

Here is the first time we beached the Southerly 42 - in the southern Bahamas.
She draws 9 feet with the keel down and was extremely comfortable at sea (including our fastest transatlantic crossing up until the faster one with DS2). For more musings click here
southerly 42 sailing
Distant Shores 1 took us across the Atlantic, through the Caribbean, up to Canada via the Erie Canal and Trent Canal and back for another Caribbean winter. For more information check out our videos on the cruises with her in Seasons 5 and Season 6 of Distant Shores.

Videos featuring the Southerly 42