Canariy Is. to Antigua

Transatlantic Canary Islands to the Caribbean

Tue 19 Nov 2024 - Sat 14 Dec 2024

26 Days & 3,000 nm | Advanced Passagemaking

$16,500pp Single - FULLY BOOKED - WAITLIST

This is the big one! Crossing the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to the Caribbean. We have done this crossing 6 times now and believe this route is the best.

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We start in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands at Rubicon Marina. After provisioning we do an overnight passage to the nearby island of Gran Canaria. This is a short passage and allows everyone to become familiar with the boat.
Then it's offshore for the first leg south 5-6 days to the Cabo Verde Islands making landfall at Mindelo. This passage will likely start out cool with variable winds as we get away from the Canary Islands for the 850 miles to Mindelo off the coast of Africa. We have really enjoyed this stop in the past! This is a nice warmup before we make the long run across to Antigua.

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On this route we're likely to have following winds all the way in tropical conditions. That means many days of downwind helming experience, the occasional tropical squalls to contend with.

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On board Distant Shores we eat very well. First Mate/Chef Sheryl usually prepares amazing meals with special attention to getting everyone together for dinner.

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We also have lots of beautiful starry skies. Altogether we will cover roughly 3000 nautical miles before the dramatic profile of Antigua finally comes over the horizon - one of our favourite Caribbean landfalls. You will never forget the feeling of seeing land on the horizon after more than a week or two out of sight of land!!

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