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Distant Shores II Sailboat

southerly 49 plan view distant shores II
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Atlantic Crossing 4-Part Series

Come aboard to see what an ocean crossing is like aboard Distant Shores II.
Distant Shores II is a shoal draft Southerly 49.

I wrote lots about her build process in my “New Boat Blog” here. Even going back to laying up the hull here. Also Check out my technical blogs on shoal draft sailing.
She is also featured in Season 7 , 8 , 9 and 10 of the television show Distant Shores. In Season 9 (2012-2013) we took here right across France through the small canals then across the Atlantic with ARC 2012. Very few vessels could do both these cruises. She is a great boat!!
We took delivery in spring 2010 and sailed her up to the Baltic.
She is 49 feet overall with a beam of 13’9”. She draws 10’3” with the keel down and 2’10” with it up. We think she is the best shallow draft sailboat around (but we could be biased ;-)
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For more info on other Southerlys including specs and interior photos click here for the Southerly website. The 49 is listed here.
She draws less than 3 feet with the keel up and can sit down on a beach.
southerly 49 sailboat aground
But with the keel down she draws more than most 49 footers (10 feet!) and sails very well. The deep draft means she is particularly good upwind and quite steady in big seas.
night sailing southerly 49
The main saloon is one of our favourite features with an excellent view from the saloon table.
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Forward cabin is the owners stateroom. Very nice!
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She seems able to take us almost anywhere - across oceans, through canals and even to the pub! The ultimate in shoal draft sailing!
southerly 49 aground pub
To see her in action - Season 7 and Season 8 of Distant Shores feature our voyages on the 49 to Holland, Scandinavia and the UK.

Season 9 features crossing France through the canals (5 episodes) transatlantic with the ARC and Caribbean exploring all with the Southerly 49.

New Season 10 Includes exploring the shallow and fabulous Bahamas, Crossing the Atlantic to the Azores and more!

All voyages are also downloadable from Vimeo-On-Demand and of course on our YouTube Channel
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southerly 49 profile view
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Southerly 49 appears in these YouTube Videos

It's because of your first season that we took off to go sailing and meet new people. 45k miles later, we're more indebted to you than ever. Thank you!
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