Sailing Videos

Sailing Videos from Distant Shores

If you are planning a sailing cruise there is something here to whet your appetite and help you plan your sailing adventure. We have a few "how-to" samples as well. All our videos are shot with professional grade video equipment and fully edited to high quality broadcast standards.

Offshore Sailing - 6 Days to the Caribbean

This can be a rough passage… but not this time! Join us for one of the best passages we have ever had!

Crossing the Atlantic - 4 parts Las Palmas to St Lucia

Here is the series of our recent Atlantic Crossing with ARC+ Rally. We Set off from the Canary Islands sailing 5 days to the Cabo Verde Archipelago. Then its the big jump on to St Lucia - a fast crossing with downwind sailing and plenty of adventure!

Through the Reefs in the Bahamas

Explore shallow reef-strewn waters of the Bahamas. We run up on the beach in the far-out Bahamian Islands.

Travelling the Far-Out Islands of the Bahamas there are often no other boats around for days. This trip was in the late spring, and we visited islands where very few boats travel. Our boat is very shallow with a swinging keel - our draft is just 3 feet with the keel up. Using the Explorer charts for the Bahamas we visited the Crooked and Acklins group, then sailed on to the Exumas.

Tropical Storm Tactics - Tying in a Mangrove

How to secure your boat for a tropical storm. We film the process as we anchor and tie up in a mangrove in Martinique. Then we film as the approaching storm passes right over us with winds nearly 60 knots. We are testing both our Rocna anchor and our Fortress anchors.

Rocna Anchor Testing

Ever wonder what an anchor looks like underwater when its setting? Here is a segment on setting the anchor in sand in the Bahamas. We find the Rocna sets very quickly and holds very well. It just works - and works very well. More info our blogs on the Rocna

Sailing in the BVI Video

Do you need a break from winter? How about a visit to the perfect little sailing destination. The British Virgin Islands or BVI. Check out our page on the BVI for more info.

Voyage to New York Sailing Video

Traveling the Erie Canal and Hudson River to New York City. Distant Shores traveled up the Oswego Canal then into the Erie Canal. Then we put the mast back up and spent 2 days coming down the Hudson River to Arrive at New York City. Exciting!!

French Canals by Sailboat

We took our 49 foot sailboat across France via the Seine, Paris and the small canals in spring/summer 2012. This is an excerpt of that trip showing taking the boat into the small locks - just a few inches wider than "Distant Shores II"
Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
Sail Magazine
My Husband and I are fairly new to watching Distant Shores, and I'm proud to say we binge watch our new favorite show. We repeat episodes often because there's so much to enjoy in each and every episode. We are always finding something new and interesting to talk about every time we watch. Great locations, wonderful interactions with the local folks, and so informative. We look forward to watching!
Deb T - FaceBook
It's because of your first season that we took off to go sailing and meet new people. 45k miles later, we're more indebted to you than ever. Thank you!
J & K via Facebook
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Binge Watching Distant Shores! I might have a problem. You can't stop making shows or I won't know what to do with myself. :0)
Sharon B - FaceBook