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Sailing North with the Gulf Stream

We're leaving the Bahamas using the Gulf Stream to make speed northbound.

This is our last sail on the amazing Bahamas shallow banks as we're preparing for the passage north to Beaufort and the Chesapeake Bay. For the first time we're going to sail right up the Gulf Stream and hope to use the current to add to our speed.

We are using the Predictwind software to get our weather and gulf stream forecasts via IridiumGO so we can receive updates even offshore. This is a first for us and worked very well. Although the updates can be pretty large even up to 1 MB or so it can be received over our connection if you choose a smaller forecast area for regular updates.

We catch a large Mahi-Mahi, bake bread, and set up the sails for fast downwind passaging with the current pushing us up to 11 knots.

When we pull in to Beaufort North Carolina we demonstrate using the current and wind to help get out of the dock in a tight situation.


Exploring Exumas-We tested our Ultra anchor

We have been using the ultra anchor for just over a year now from England and the the Mediterranean to the Caribbean and Bahamas. It has always set well and held perfectly in a variety of conditions. We were able to film it in the Caribbean and Bahamas in both clear sand and grass as well.

This time on Distant Shores we continue exploring the Bahamas in the Exumas with incredible beaches, interesting wildlife and review the performance of our Ultra Anchor.


Varifold Propellor Review

We are exploring the Exuma Island group in the Bahamas. Such amazing water colours! We find a shallow place where we can put our Southerly 480 on the sand and try beaching her, then wait for low tide to dry out. We also review our propellor.

It's been over a year now and I was ready to review our Varifold folding propellor. This is the first folding propellor we've had and I have to say its extremely smooth. I think it's the smoothest when operated in forward of any prop we've had, with the least vibration. It's powerful and has work perfectly the whole time we've been testing it.