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Sailing Back in Time

While work continues on our new aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat, we take the opportunity to try our hand at sailing a traditional Dutch gaff-rigged sailboat and explore the Dutch Canals and Frisian Islands.


First Welds - Building an Aluminum Sailboat Part 2

Construction begins on our new 49-foot aluminum sailboat - starting with the very first welds, which Paul is given the honour of doing!! We explain how MIG welding works and show the process of assembling and welding frames and bulkheads for our Orion 49 sailboat through the use of regular and time-lapse video, animations and interviews at the factory in Makkum in the Netherlands. In this video, construction on our Orion 49 sailboat, Distant Shores IV, moves full steam ahead! Makkum is also a centre for traditional Dutch sailboats and we take you to the waterfront to Makkum Beach to see these lovely historic sailboats on the IJsselmeer (IJssel Lake).


Building a Custom Aluminum Sailboat Part 1 - From Plans to Plates to Assembly

Have you ever dreamed of building a custom aluminum sailboat? Follow along with the building of our custom aluminium Enksail Orion 49, Distant Shores IV. In this episode we explain the process of taking our design from plans to plates - the engineering, cutting of aluminum plates and assembly strategy for the hull using on location footage, interviews and time-lapse video.