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Shore Power - This may shock you

If you could install one single device on your sailboat that would make your boat shockproof for swimmers, prevent galvanic corrosion and also stop any worries about reversed shore-power polarity would you want one? That device would be an isolation transformer and we're going to talk about that today as we talk about shore power connections and electrical systems on sailboats.


ALUMINUM Sailboat Deep Dive

This week we do a deep dive on the hull interior of our new aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat with an informative tour by the yacht manufacturer discussing the bow thruster installation, wiring and conduits, foam insulation, water and fuel tanks, bilge pumps, welded through hulls, lithium batteries, air conditioning and the paint system.


Safe Lithium Batteries for Sailboat

This time on Distant Shores we go into depth on Lithium batteries, planning out the boat's energy storage system, and touring the Super-B Battery factory where we learn how marine lithium batteries are manufactured and tested for safety.