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The New Boat at Dusseldorf

UPDATE Dusseldorf Video

Boot Dusseldorf is the largest indoor boat show - plus this year it has Distant Shores III in the show!! So here's a quick tour around so you can see what she looks like…
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 1
Here's the view as we walked in to see her finished for the first time!
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 3
Very excited!!
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 4
There is a spacious aft cockpit with centre table. The aft cabin is under the cockpit and the table acts as a skylight.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 7
The galley is right at the bottom of the companionway for easy access. There is a fore-aft mounted fridge and a top loading freezer. The stove is a GN Espace model we've been excited to try out.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 8
The saloon is raised for excellent views while seated.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 9
Forward are the bunk cabin and large double stateroom…
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 10
The bunk room has two good sea-berths and plenty of storage. It also has notices asking people not to sit or lie down on the bunks please - but they don't seem to work :-)
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 11
The forward cabin is large with lots of stowage…
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 12
The forward heads has a separate shower.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 13
Back in the saloon the nav station has views forward so you can steer (using the missing Raymarine autopilot and plotter)
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 14
The aft cabin is palatial spanning the width of the stern under the cockpit. The cockpit table above provides 4 ventilation hatches. Side hull windows provide a good view.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 6
The aft heads also has a separate shower, and includes a wet locker for foul weather gear.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 15
Distant Shores III draws just 1.0 meters or 3'3" with the keel up. Here's a stern view also showing our Varifold 4-blade propellor and the twin rudders.
distant-shores-3-discovery-southerly-480 - 2
If you are in the area please drop by the Discovery stand to say hello and let us show you around. Boot Dusseldorf is "THE" show to see with more sailing yachts in one place than I have ever seen!

Distant Shores III Update

It's been a while since I posted an update on the progress of Distant Shores III. Here she is in the factory in Southampton with shipwrights swarming over her :-)
So much has been done since we visited in the beginning of November!!
We visited back in November before heading off on the catamaran to cross the Atlantic

At that time Discovery were still finishing up the plug for the deck. It's taken a while but here in this photo is nearly complete…
Meanwhile the hull and interior is moving ahead well. Bulkheads are all in and interior modules are being fitted.
Over in the joinery department (woodworking) the last of the interior is being completed. This is the forward cabin V-berth. Pieces like this are completed outside the boat then installed as a whole module and glassed into the hull.
Jump ahead to early December and the deck has been laid up and is being pulled from the mould. In the lower part of the photo you can see the steel frame that keeps the mould perfectly strong and true. It is on rollers to move it around.
The hull layup has been complete for some time and has now been painted with anifouling - in this case we're giving "Copper Coat"… a try.

First trial fitting of the deck.
The bulkheads have been put in somewhat tall and must now be cut down to the proper height to be a perfect fit. This process can take a few hours to trim it just so before it can be settled in place permanently.

Discovery Yachts are famous for high quality cabinetry. Here's one of the steps for the companionway … gorgeous!
Today much more is complete! Hatches and deck hardware, windows and teak decking… but there is still much to do before Distant Shores III is slated to head off to the boat show in Dusseldorf THIS Weekend!
The boat show in Dusseldorf (January 20-28) this year) is the biggest indoor show in the world and has a huge variety of boats big and small. The venue is located right on the Rhine River so yachts can motor up and "Big Willi" will lift them from the water and its a short ride to the halls to display.
There are more cruising sailboats here than I've ever seen in one location - including some quite large ones.
For power yacht enthusiasts there are some truly amazing boats you would never expect to see indoors! (seen here trundling to the building a few days ago)
It's a great show if you're trying to find your dream boat since more boats are in this one venue and you have days to compare them!
Photos courtesy of Messe Düsseldorf/ctillmann

Here is a short video I made of the Dusseldorf show …
If you're thinking of coming over to check out the show (and see Distant Shores III of course) please let us know!


Sailing Across an Ocean on a Catamaran - Bluewater 50 by Discovery

In mid-November we set sail from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, in the Canary Islands to make our 8th transatlantic crossing but this time we did it on a catamaran - a brand new Bluewater 50 by Discovery Yachts. Story coming soon…
We had very light winds for this passage and ended up flying the spinnaker for many days. Winds were from astern as expected on this route but often under 10 knots true - which is lighter than the typical 15-18 we have experienced on this crossing before.
The first 2 days out from Las Palmas we had the more typical winds at 15-18 and she roared along at 10 knots showing how powerful and easy it could be. The winds were to be much lighter for the rest of the cruise!
I had planned that most of the passage would be done with our twin headsails. This is my favourite rig for our monohulls where we fly one jib on a pole and the other using a block on the end of the boom. On the wider catamaran we barber-hauled the jibs out to the beam and moved along well dead downwind. This rig was also perfect for night sailing as it doesn't need the management of a spinnaker, and can be easily reefed if a squall comes by. (Photo Courtesy of Craig from CruisingOffDuty who bravely flew his drone to get get the aerial shots)
This is actually an asymmetric spinnaker but we flew it two different ways.
1) as a symmetric spinnaker we ran both sheets to blocks on the two bows
2) as an asymmetric spinnaker we ran one sheet to the bowsprit, and the other sheet aft to a block by the stern

In this picture we're flying the spinnaker off the two bows.
From the masthead you can see how the spinnaker is running to both bows. This was our most common rig and worked well dead downwind.
Flying the spinnaker from the bowsprit here you can see the sheet running aft on the starboard side.
One day the wind dropped below 5 knots so we went for a swim. Sheryl stayed on board and I went down below to see how we looked from underwater. Its 3 miles deep right here and the visibility is about 200 feet!
We shot a TON of video on this crossing! I'm currently working on the footage and will get something up on YouTube shortly.