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Southerly 480 Distant Shores III is for Sale

Distant Shores III is highly equipped with upgraded gear and electronics for long distance cruising by the current owners - sailing experts, authors and television producers, Paul and Sheryl Shard, who have maintained her with skill and care since taking ownership. Distant Shores III is the Shards’ third Southerly Yacht.

Distant Shores III has impressive sailing performance on ocean crossings as well as coastal cruises in cold and tropical climates and, with the swing keel, is also versatile for cruising in shallow inland waterways. This yacht offers the benefits of shallow draft cruising with deep draft offshore performance.

Distant Shores III is set up for easy handling by a couple, has a spacious cockpit and deck area, as well as a comfortable interior with luxurious accommodation making her the ideal boat for full-time long-distance cruising.

Currently based in Panama on the Pacific coast at the entrance to Panama Canal, she is ideally located for South Pacific cruising or for a winter cruise in the Caribbean following a 48-mile transit through the canal.

As part of the sale, the Shards are offering an extended handover cruise plus hands-on training to fast-track your sailing adventure with Distant Shores III. They’ll help you learn the boat’s systems and develop your skills for safe and enjoyable voyaging with your loved ones. A rare opportunity with highly experienced owners.

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Tips for Docking a Sailboat

First in a new series we're producing about docking techniques and boat handling skills.
We all get pretty good at learning to handle our own boats over time, but if we step onto a friend's boat or take the helm on a bareboat charter yacht that we're unfamiliar with, we quickly remember that each boat has its own personality and quirky behaviour.

In Docking a Sailboat, we go over basic docking techniques demonstrating how to go bow-to a dock, as well as stern-to. But first we give you a few procedures to do to quickly get the feel of a boat that you are handling for the first time.

Selling Distant Shores III - Beyond Panama

Here's Distant Shores III tied up in Panama ready for her next adventure!

The sights and sounds of Panama! This time we take you ashore in Panama to explore Panama City from our base at La Playita Marina and share some of the highlights of Panama beyond the Panama Canal. Jungle, monkeys and sailing up a river into the rainforest. And we show you around inside Distant Shores III in case you want to buy her! Perhaps you will be aboard for her next adventures?

How to Transit the Panama Canal, Part 3

Part 3 of 3 on How to Transit the Panama Canal with a Sailboat. Following Part 1 on how to prepare and complete the paperwork and Part 2 where we take you on the first leg of the transit from Colon to Lake Gatun, in Part 3 we take you on the second and final leg of the transit across Lake Gatun, through the impressive Culebra Cut and descend 3 locks to Panama City on the Pacific Coast.

How to Transit the Panama Canal, Part 2

Entering the Panama Canal in our sailboat, we handle the first 3 locks up to Lake Gatun.
Part 2 of 3 in a series on How to Transit the Panama Canal with a Sailboat, Atlantic to Pacific. Following Part 1 on how to prepare and complete the paperwork, in Part 2 we take you on the first leg of the transit from Colon to Lake Gatun. We also show you how to find line handlers, train your crew for line handling, how to set up your boat to meet requirements as well as protect it from possible damage during the transit. We show you how to work with the Canal Advisor who is assigned to come aboard your boat for the transit, how yachts are required to raft up and demonstrate some boat handling techniques for locking through.

Aground at the Pub! How to do Tide Calculations

Where has the water gone? We visit one of our favourite pubs in Chichester Harbour by bringing the boat in at high tide and walking ashore at low tide for dinner. We describe how to do tide calculations to arrive at a destination at the ideal time of tide for your boat and with the activities you want to do when you get there in mind.
Using footage of drying out our Southerly 49 sailboat so we can walk ashore to the pub as an example, we show you how to calculate the tide height at any time, not just the time and height at high and low tide.
This video is part of our new "Notes on Navigation" series.

Atlantic to Pacific: How to Transit the Panama Canal, Part 1

Do you dream of taking your sailboat through the Panama Canal one day to sail in the Pacific? Well, this video is for you! In Part 1, we arrive at Shelter Bay Marina on the Atlantic side to begin preparations for a canal transit and take you through the steps. We answer your questions about what it costs, what inspections and paperwork are required, what are the best resources, should you use an agent and if so how do you find someone reliable? We document our Admeasure Inspection aboard Distant Shores III, then explore the surrounding jungle having magical encounters with monkeys and weaver birds.

Rough Waters - Sailing to Panama

Paul outlines his passage plan and we set sail from the Bahamas to do a 7-day offshore voyage to Panama passing Cuba en route. Once through the Windward Passage between Cuba and Haiti, we face strong winds and a fierce head current which results in large steep seas. Sheryl struggles as she recovers from a sprained ankle but the crew pitch in. We make a night landfall in Panama facing one of the highest concentrations of shipping in the world as we come into port. Bonus feature: Flags of Convenience Explained by Oceanskies.

Planning your Escape - Sail Away on a Budget

We introduce you to a young farm family who share their plan for fun yet affordable family cruising. We take you and a crew of sailors who are planning their own escape for a week of sailing and cruise planning in the beautiful Exuma Islands of the Bahamas. We also show you our process for passage planning, techniques for shallow water piloting, snorkel on pristine reefs in the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park and i

Stuck in Paradise! - Sailing Bahamas and Junkanoo celebrations

Feeling stuck these days? Well this video is guaranteed to lift your spirits! We got stuck in the Bahamas earlier this year (before the pandemic) and experienced Junkanoo celebrations! You can’t help but smile when you watch this one😊 since everyone, young and old, sailor and landlubber, is having such a good time! We also take the boat out to some very remote islands in the Exumas where pirates of old used to hide out amongst the shoals and give you an overview of the beautiful anchorages around the area of George Town, Great Exuma, a base for the cruising community where, at a beach bonfire we celebrate New Years.


This time on Distant Shores we look at weather in the Bahamas as we deal with cold fronts and see what happens when you're hit with the largest waterspout we've ever seen.

Dodging Coral heads in the Bahamas

This time we're continuing to Nassau and then on across the Yellow Banks to the Exumas.

South to the Bahamas

This time on Distant Shores we make a 2 day passage from Beaufort to Jacksonville, add an additional Racor filter to our fuel system and strategize a Gulf Stream crossing to get us to West End in the Bahamas.

Storm off Cape Hatteras

This time on Distant Shores we look at using radar to avoid the worst winds in a serious storm rounding Cape Hatteras, do a gear review on our electric in-mast furling after 1 year of hard use and sail north to Annapolis in the Chesapeake Bay.
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Where are we now?

We switched our Iridium GO system over to Predictwind and its back up and running…
Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself. Sail Magazine
We love your channel and your show. You two are the "originals". We look forward to meeting you some day Sailing Pau Hana - YouTube
6 years ago my husband and I were channel surfing and stumbled upon Distant Shores. We were hooked... What is really fun is that through the show, we developed a real interest in learning to sail and last summer took our first sailing lessons and got our first ASA certification… soon we'll be able to rent bare boats and sail in the Caribbean. We joined our local sailing club… All this is because Paul and Sheryl make sailing so approachable and appealing. Mary Via Email
Yeah! The original sailing badasses. Before it was cool and hipster to buy a sailing boat and sail the seven seas and air it on YouTube. This crew was doing it first! I would get up in the dark winter mornings, and watch your TELEVISION show, dreaming. That's right! These Canadian sailing badasses were on T.V.! "Satellitesos" Via Instagram
The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the cruising lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)
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Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
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