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Join us in June for traditional Dutch sailing - Sold Out

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These weeks are a fantastic introduction to European canal cruising as well as exploring the lovely Frisian Islands. Your cabin awaits!

Join us for a week of sailing aboard a traditional Dutch "Lemsteraak" to explore the shallow seas of the Frisian Islands and travel inland via the Dutch Canals.

Depending on weather we will be able to visit 3 or 4 of the lovely Frisian Islands. In this area it's important to take tides and currents into consideration so we will go over tidal calculations and methods.

We have been running Sail Away Weeks since 2007 to help fellow sailors to:

  • build their sailing skills in beautiful cruising destinations
  • show their mates the joys of sailing in a safe comfortable environment
  • get an introduction to cruising and/or chartering
  • enjoy a fun get-away in the tropics with new friends who support your dreams
We'd love to do the same for you!

Boat Tour! Interior Layout - LEWMAR Factory Tour

This time on Distant Shores we give you a full tour of the interior of our custom aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat as she is being assembled in the shop using an interesting build method outside the hull. We also make a visit to the Lewmar factory in England as we research equipment for our new boat, Distant Shores IV.

Prepare for Offshore Sailing & Emergencies at Sea!

While work continues on our new aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat in the Netherlands, Paul travels to the UK to sail in the Solent and to document what’s involved in the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore course. Although we have now sailed 120,000 nm during 33 years of international cruising, Paul goes through the training in foul weather conditions, demonstrating helpful techniques for docking under sail and other maneuvers, including the use of drogues. He accepts the challenge to take the Yachtmaster exam. Does he pass?

Aluminum Sailboat Plywood and interior

This time on Distant Shores, we take you to the Netherlands, to Enksail Yachts, to show you the interesting method being used to construct the interior of our new Orion 49 sailboat. We need to come to a decision on the wood finish for our cabinetry - we're divided on whether it should be cherry or mahogany! A tour of a wood veneer manufacturing facility helps us make a decision and we learn how veneered plywood for yachts is constructed. What wood do we choose and why? Stay tuned to find out…

Aluminum Sailboat Corrosion and Survey

We've been getting lots of questions about corrosion on aluminum boats and how quality yachts deal with this issue. Today we look at some of the methods used to address this on our new aluminium Enksail Orion 49 sailboat. We also talk a surveyor who comes to see the new boat while in build to certify she meets CE specifications.

Aluminum Sailboat Nearly Finished + Worlds Largest Boat Show

We fly to the Netherlands to see the progress on our new Enksail Orion 49 sailboat, Distant Shores IV. She is nearly finished hull construction. We get a tour of all the progress and an overview of the remaining jobs. Next stop is Germany where we check out the world's largest indoor boat show, Boot Düssseldorf.

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Arctic… Will Distant Shores IV pass the test?

Paul makes a trip to the Netherlands to see the progress on the build of Distant Shores IV, our new custom aluminum Enksail Orion 49 cruising sailboat. While he is there, Paul attends METStrade, the annual Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam, to speak to suppliers and learn more about the options we are considering for the boat.

At the show, he meets up with a group of other sailing YouTubers, who are either experienced Arctic sailors or metal boat owners or both. Later, this fun-loving group drive up to the Gebroeders van Enkhuizen Shipyard in Makkum to give their thoughts on whether Distant Shores IV will be a good Arctic cruising boat or not, based on their experiences. Lots of good info here!

HYBRID Power Sailboat - Will it Work for Long Distance Cruising?

This time on Distant Shores we're planning out the energy requirements of our new custom aluminum sailboat. Will the hybrid power system allow us to make the passages we're planning from Europe to the arctic circle as well as the long ocean crossings we normally do around the world?

Hybrid Power on a Sailboat – Offshore Livestream using Starlink!

This time on Distant Shores we discuss the pros and cons of using a hybrid drive on a sailboat with former SpaceX engineer and sailor, Casey Schilling. We record a video conference with him while he’s 50 miles offshore using Starlink! Check out the results and learn how hybrid drives work too.

Building an Aluminum Sailboat Part 6 - Your Questions answered

This time on Distant Shores we update you on the build of our 49 foot aluminum expedition sailboat - and answer some of the questions we've had about the project.

Building an Aluminum Sailboat Part 5 - Turning the Hull

This time on Distant Shores we reach a literal turning point in the build of our new Enksail Orion 49 aluminum sailboat - the hull is turned over to upright position so interior welding can begin! We make the first trip down below where we learn how a proper aluminum weld is made and what is required of welders to meet safety standards. We are then shown how the metal work is inspected so the highest quality construction is achieved.

Building an Aluminum Sailboat Part 4 - How the Hull Plates are Shaped

This time on Distant Shores we get our first look at the boat welded together…
We also dive deep into how flat aluminum plates are shaped into the smooth curved pieces needed to make a fast and strong sailboat hull. Then we take the opportunity to climb right inside our new boat and learn more about how the welds are made.

Building an Aluminum Sailboat Part 3 - Raising the Hull to Weld Frames & Bulkheads

This is our third video in the series on building our new Enksail Orion 49 aluminum expedition sailboat! We look into how plates are positioned and welded into the perfect shape according to the drawings and plans.

Sailing Back in Time - Learning the Ropes on a Traditional Dutch Sailboat

While work continues on our new aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat, we take the opportunity to try our hand at sailing a traditional Dutch gaff-rigged sailboat and explore the Dutch Canals and Frisian Islands.

First Welds - Building a Custom Aluminum Sailboat Part 2

Construction begins on our new 49-foot aluminum sailboat - starting with the very first welds, which Paul is given the honour of doing!! We explain how MIG welding works and show the process of assembling and welding frames and bulkheads for our Orion 49 sailboat through the use of regular and time-lapse video, animations and interviews at the factory in Makkum in the Netherlands. In this video, construction on our Orion 49 sailboat, Distant Shores IV, moves full steam ahead!

Building a Custom Aluminum Sailboat Part 1 - From Plans to Plates to Assembly

This time on Distant Shores we have a more technical video with lots of juicy details on how an aluminum sailboat is built - starting with the preparations and cutting the many parts needed to make a 50 foot sailboat. As cutting is about to start on our new boat I fly over to the Netherlands and learn how the parts will be cut and welded into shape.

Goodbye Distant Shores III - Big Tides Sailing Pacific Northwest

Our Southerly 480 sailboat, Distant Shores III, arrives by yacht transport ship in the Pacific Northwest to be received by her new owners. Paul flies to Seattle WA to do the official handover and say goodbye to Distant Shores III. It is Paul's first time sailing in the Pacific Northwest and he learns what a special cruising ground is to be found in Puget Sound and surrounds. There are large tides in this area and Paul explains what causes tides and how to anchor safely in the changing depths.

This Yacht is Sinking! Loading on a Ship for Yacht Transport, BRNKL Review

This time we save a boat from sinking in Panama, evaluate a boat monitoring system called BRNKL and load Distant Shores III onto a ship for yacht transport to her new owners.

Final Cruise on DS3! Sailing San Blas Islands and Epsilon Anchor Test

In this our final cruise aboard our Southerly 480 sailboat, we test out the new Lewmar Epsilon anchor while we revisit the San Blas Islands of Panama, home of the Guna tribes, Panama’s indigenous people who still live in traditional ways. Even though it’s been 11 years since our last cruise here, we reunite with island friends, meet new ones and rediscover these unique pristine islands.

Installing Lithium Batteries

When the AGM batteries fail on our Southerly 480 sailboat following months of lockdown in Panama, we take the opportunity to replace them with lithium batteries before selling the boat. (We're designing a new custom aluminum sailboat.) With crocodiles in the water around the boat at the dock in Shelter Bay Marina, Paul builds a new battery box and friends help lift the new batteries into place. Paul completes the installation and we set sail for a test cruise to the San Blas Islands

How to Sail South to the Bahamas and Caribbean - New Video

Are you dreaming about sailing south to the Bahamas and Caribbean but aren't sure what the best routes for getting there are? In this, our most popular boat show seminar, brought to you from the cockpit of our Southerly 480, Distant Shores III, in the tropics, we show you how to escape to the magical islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean! Using beautiful video footage from the Distant Shores television series and YouTube Channel as well as still images, music and narration, we show you the choices of routes south to these top cruising destinations. Will you head for warmer climes down the ICW, jump offshore or take the Thorny Path? Join in to find out what route makes sense for you and will keep your crew happy and safe. We also outline an achievable plan for a successful tropical cruise, highlight destinations not to be missed and discuss places to run to in bad weather as well as options for Hurricane Season.

Buying a New Sailboat

Are you interested in buying or building a new boat but aren't sure where to begin? This video is the first in a new series about the design and build process of Distant Shores IV, the new custom-built aluminum e-boat we are planning to build. Determining criteria for your dream boat is the start of the process and Paul and his alter-egos, Traditional Paul and Future Tech Paul, hash out ideas together. Although entertaining, this video provides guidelines for determining important steps and considerations to help you make good decisions when searching for a new boat.

Tips for Docking a Sailboat

First in a new series we're producing about docking techniques and boat handling skills.
We all get pretty good at learning to handle our own boats over time, but if we step onto a friend's boat or take the helm on a bareboat charter yacht that we're unfamiliar with, we quickly remember that each boat has its own personality and quirky behaviour.

In Docking a Sailboat, we go over basic docking techniques demonstrating how to go bow-to a dock, as well as stern-to. But first we give you a few procedures to do to quickly get the feel of a boat that you are handling for the first time.

How to Transit the Panama Canal, Part 3

Part 3 of 3 on How to Transit the Panama Canal with a Sailboat. Following Part 1 on how to prepare and complete the paperwork and Part 2 where we take you on the first leg of the transit from Colon to Lake Gatun, in Part 3 we take you on the second and final leg of the transit across Lake Gatun, through the impressive Culebra Cut and descend 3 locks to Panama City on the Pacific Coast.

How to Transit the Panama Canal, Part 2

Entering the Panama Canal in our sailboat, we handle the first 3 locks up to Lake Gatun.
Part 2 of 3 in a series on How to Transit the Panama Canal with a Sailboat, Atlantic to Pacific. Following Part 1 on how to prepare and complete the paperwork, in Part 2 we take you on the first leg of the transit from Colon to Lake Gatun. We also show you how to find line handlers, train your crew for line handling, how to set up your boat to meet requirements as well as protect it from possible damage during the transit. We show you how to work with the Canal Advisor who is assigned to come aboard your boat for the transit, how yachts are required to raft up and demonstrate some boat handling techniques for locking through.

Atlantic to Pacific: How to Transit the Panama Canal, Part 1

Do you dream of taking your sailboat through the Panama Canal one day to sail in the Pacific? Well, this video is for you! In Part 1, we arrive at Shelter Bay Marina on the Atlantic side to begin preparations for a canal transit and take you through the steps. We answer your questions about what it costs, what inspections and paperwork are required, what are the best resources, should you use an agent and if so how do you find someone reliable? We document our Admeasure Inspection aboard Distant Shores III, then explore the surrounding jungle having magical encounters with monkeys and weaver birds.
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Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself. Sail Magazine
We love your channel and your show. You two are the "originals". We look forward to meeting you some day Sailing Pau Hana - YouTube
6 years ago my husband and I were channel surfing and stumbled upon Distant Shores. We were hooked... What is really fun is that through the show, we developed a real interest in learning to sail and last summer took our first sailing lessons and got our first ASA certification… soon we'll be able to rent bare boats and sail in the Caribbean. We joined our local sailing club… All this is because Paul and Sheryl make sailing so approachable and appealing. Mary Via Email
Yeah! The original sailing badasses. Before it was cool and hipster to buy a sailing boat and sail the seven seas and air it on YouTube. This crew was doing it first! I would get up in the dark winter mornings, and watch your TELEVISION show, dreaming. That's right! These Canadian sailing badasses were on T.V.! "Satellitesos" Via Instagram
The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the cruising lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)
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Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
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