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Vulcano & Stromboli

These volcanic islands lie just north of Sicily. We visited Santa Marina, Vulcano and the amazing Stromboli. Very dramatic. I think they would be busy in season but we visited in late May.
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Exploring Vulcano - there is no question about the name - you get right up close with the sulphur vents.
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Exploring underwater we also found hot vents... and lovely diving!
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Our guide explains how the volcano of Stromboli feels about visitors...
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We climbed up at sunset - its 900 meters up.
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The plan is to arrive at dusk to admire the regular eruptions. Its a good workout... then you get to climb down again in the dark! It did erupt regularly - about every 20-30 minutes...
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Episode 15 featuring Vulcano is available for download here on Vimeo
Episode 16 featuring Stromboli is available for download here on Vimeo