Tunisian Sailing Videos


Monastir is a good base for exploring this vibrant Muslim country. We kept the boat there while we travelled inland.
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Desert treks are popular and we wanted to go in style! We first tried a 3 day jeep trek for a quick overview of the sites, visiting the Roman Ruins ... then we got prepped for a real desert adventure on camels!
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If you go, Douz is a good base out in the desert and has reasonable hotels to rest up in after (or before) your desert trek! Many tourists just swing in and spend an hour just trying out the camel thing as part of the bigger safari tour. One and 2 day trips are also negotiable.

Our plan was to spend 3 days travelling the desert, camping at night and travelling during the day with a guide.
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An amazing experience !
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Episode 11 explores Tunisia - download here on Vimeo