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Sailing Holland

Holland has a lot to offer the cruising sailor. From the Waddenzee in the north to the lovely tidy canals, charming quaint towns and amazing vibrant Amsterdam! We planned a cruise of this area to see as much as we could. First we had a lovely early summer trip through the Waddenzee (newsletter here) filming it as part of Season 7 of Distant Shores
Frisian wifi
Shallow seas make for complicated/fun navigation - this was one mornings route!
Route to Schiermnkg2

Holland has a remarkable canal network which includes a route right across the country that you can travel with a sailboat with the mast up. Its called the "standing mast route" and we travelled it for nearly a week!
You visit charming towns and can tie up right in the centre of the towns.
 Lemmer town dock
Very well organized and inexpensive to tie up, including power points!!
Dokkum wall

Here is a trailer for the Season 7 DVD. It also includes the whole 6 month journey from the lovely Channel Islands, Germany, Denmark (visiting Copenhagen) Sweden and the Gota Canal.


Riddle of the Sands - Erskine Childers century old spy novel set in the Dutch and German islands of the Waddenzee
Shell Channel Pilot - the English Channel definitive guide. One of the most readable cruising guides we have used.
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Channel Islands to Holland and the Baltic
We made two programs on these amazing cruising waters. "Frisian Islands" covers our explorations of the shallow Waddenzee area, and "Dutch Canals" covers our trip through the standing mast route in the fall - ending up going through Amsterdam!! Season 7 Also includes the UK boating scene in the Solent and our cruise on to the Baltic with Sweden & Denmark!
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