Sardinian Sailing Videos


Altogether we made 3 shows which feature Sardinia. An overnight passage from Menorca starts the adventure. We start at Alghero and explore the north of the island visiting Corsica as well before heading south down the east side of Sardinia. Some great cruising and amazing history. Definitely make some time to travel inland here!
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Arriving in Alghero after the passage from Menorca
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The coast around the north east side of Sardinia - the Costa Smerelda is an amazing cruising ground.
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Our new local friend turns out to be an expert in prehistoric Nuraghe of Sardinia
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Local hospitality has us trying grappa as we visit the pre-historic sites...
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Episode 7 features an overnight passage and arrival at Sardinia - download here on Vimeo
Episode 8 Bonifacio Corsica and back to Sardinia - download here on Vimeo
Episode 9 with the Costa Smerelda Sardinia - download here on Vimeo