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Fabulous cruising grounds with all the offlying islands. It can get quite busy in the high season from July to late August. We visited earlier and it was fine!
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Dubrovnik is a good first stop if you come up from the south as we did. If you charter here it will likely the farthest south you would come. It is an amazing city. This shot is from the walk around the walls - well worth a few hours!
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Kornati national park is a highlight.
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Summer means lots of nice evenings... Croatia is relatively affordable and has great food - especially seafood!
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Our host explains how sea urchins like to "decorate" with rocks on their backs... seriously!
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There was a festival while we were here and it involved swimming with the "virgin" statue almost a mile around the bay.
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Every year the episodes just get better and better. We started buying the new seasons even though we can watch them on TV for free. Nice to get them earlier and worth it to watch them commercial free.
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Mediterranean - Season 1-3 DVDs
Croatia is one of the finest cruising grounds in the Mediterranean. We filmed 4 episodes on cruising Croatia. This set includes 39 episodes on the whole Med from Gibraltar to Greece and Turkey.
$59.95 US More Info | Video Catalog
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Croatian Sailing is featured in Season 2 and is available for download here on Vimeo