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Let's Go Cruising

The new series of how-to sailing and cruising videos.

Want to develop your anchoring skills and learn more about how to set up a good anchoring system for your boat?
"Let's Go Cruising - Anchoring" is the first in a brand new how-to series for sailors by long-time cruisers, Paul and Sheryl Shard, producers of the award-winning sailing adventure TV series, Distant Shores" and authors of "Sail Away! A Guide to Outfitting and Provisioning for Cruising."
The series launched on Sunday, September 21, 2014 with "Let's Go Cruising Anchoring" in celebration of the Shards' anniversary of 25 years of international cruising.
This first program about Anchoring in the "Let's Go Cruising" series is all about gaining confidence and skills in anchoring. Techniques are demonstrated using footage the Shards have shot in numerous cruising destinations around the world in all types of conditions. In their typical style they have made it beautiful to watch as well as being highly informative.
They cover the basics of anchoring in "Let's Go Cruising - Anchoring" but also demonstrate advanced anchoring techniques that are sometimes needed while cruising such as how to do a Bahamian Moor, mastering Mediterranean Mooring plus surviving a tropical storm by anchoring and tying to a mangrove, to name a few.
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Let's Go Cruising - Anchoring" are eligible for free updates and additions made to this program in the future. $15.99
Check out this sample segment from Lets Go Cruising - Anchoring all about calculating the scope necessary for safe anchoring in different situations.