Chesapeake Bay Sailing Videos

Chesapeake Bay

An amazing cruising destination. There are so many bays and coves to explore, small towns and many hundreds of anchorages. The Chesapeake Bay is also safely out of the hurricane belt so is a good place to go for the "H" season. We were cruising in the Bahamas in late June and looking for a window to jump up to the Chesapeake.

Here are a couple of images of a Bahamas spring storm... Its time to head North!!
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We made a quick jump right up to Beaufort NC. This can be a nice quick passage since the Gulf Stream is behind you. We made more than 200 miles a day for much of this run. I planned the curved route to keep in the stream and also we were near enough to the USA to pull in if we needed.
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We took the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway) from Beaufort up to the Chesapeake.
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There is a serious boating Scene in the Chesapeake Bay! This gorgeous replica was ghosting along near Annapolis.
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We took a side trip and visited the "Vets on the Bay" sailing club up in Washington DC.
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Sailing for the day we learned about this interesting club that helps returning veterans deal with their situation by getting into sailing! Very cool!
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Annapolis is also home of one of the largest boatshows in the world. Early October means its time for the Annapolis Boat Show where we meet up with Bob Bitchin of Cruising Outpost Magazine (formerly Latitudes and Attitudes)
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Sunrise over the Bay - we'll head to the Eastern Shore of the Bay...
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The Chesapeake Bay - Season 6
Also includes the ICW, Erie Canal and Caribbean Islands
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St Michaels - home of the excellent Maritime Museum...
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They have a number of boats in the water - lovingly maintained!
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They also have a fun "Apprentice for a Day" program so Paul gives it a try!
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Sailing south we head toward tiny Tangier Island.
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Lying near the middle of the bay we had visited this small community many years before and been impressed with their independent spirit and charming community. We met Milton Parks on that visit and had gone out for a day of fishing on his boat.
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Milton also owns the compact "Parks Marina" where we tied up.
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Tangier's main business is fishing - most of the boats are wooden...
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The catch is mainly Blue Crabs... yumm!
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Milton is now semi retired but just as fun as we remember...
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Small town centre! Eveyone gets around on golf-carts
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Tangier is all quite low and marshy and prone to flooding at high tides.
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Spring High tide on Tangier...
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We meet a Doctor who offers me a ride in his helicopter - he has made a helipad in his backyard!
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Magical views over the whole of Tangier as the last of the daylight fades.
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Many boats cruise the Chesapeake Bay for years and still don't see it all. An amazing cruising ground!
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Episode 76 - Chesapeake Western Shore is available for download here on Vimeo
Episode 77 - Chesapeake Eastern Shore is available for download here on Vimeo
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