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Upholstery - How to Stay Married

This week we do a deep dive into interior upholstery fabrics mattresses and cushions! This can lead to differences of opinion :-) Tune in to see how it goes!

As the launch of our new Enksail Orion 49 sailboat approaches, we have to decide on the colours and upholstery for a comfortable yacht interior, so in this week’s video we investigate boat upholstery, cushions, and fabrics. We have gone through this process four other times during our 34 years of boat ownership but there are always new things to learn.

For the first time, we work with an interior designer who specializes in yacht interiors and fabrics, then tour a factory to see how yacht upholstery, cushions and mattresses are made and what materials are best. If you’ve ever decorated a place ashore with your partner, you'll see that doing the same thing for a boat can be just as challenging!
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