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Christening Distant Shores IV

After launching our new Enksail Orion 49 aluminum sailboat, we host a Launch Party and Open Boat Event where we christen the boat and hold a traditional ceremony to bless the builders and crew. Tour Distant Shores IV along with international guests including creators from popular sailing channels Sailing Uma, Odd Life Crafting, SY Sirius and Bushpoint. Grab a glass and celebrate the start a new chapter of sailing adventure with us!

Launching Distant Shores IV!

It’s been months of anticipation and finally the day has arrived - the launch of Distant Shores IV, our brand new Enksail Orion 49 aluminum sailboat! Share our excitement at the moment of “splash”, then at the raising of the mast where we perform a traditional silver coin ceremony to ensure good luck and good fortune for the crew.

Upholstery - How to Stay Married

This week we do a deep dive into interior upholstery fabrics mattresses and cushions! This can lead to differences of opinion :-) Tune in to see how it goes!

As the launch of our new Enksail Orion 49 sailboat approaches, we have to decide on the colours and upholstery for a comfortable yacht interior, so in this week’s video we investigate boat upholstery, cushions, and fabrics. We have gone through this process four other times during our 34 years of boat ownership but there are always new things to learn.

For the first time, we work with an interior designer who specializes in yacht interiors and fabrics, then tour a factory to see how yacht upholstery, cushions and mattresses are made and what materials are best. If you’ve ever decorated a place ashore with your partner, you'll see that doing the same thing for a boat can be just as challenging!

Launch Party

Are you coming to the Launch Party?

We're super-excited to announce the launch party (April 20-21) and update you on the progress of the build (as of March 18th). We get to see the lovely mahogany varnished as the interior is nearly all installed now.

We also take a tour of the technical room and see the water maker installed, the hydronic heating system and the 48V bus.

If you would like to come to the launch party we'd like to welcome you on April 20 & 21 in the Netherlands. Makkum is a charming village in the northern Netherlands province of Friesland and is the Silicon Valley of aluminum boat-building. Our launch party coincides with the Open Yard Day at KM Yachts just a few meters away across the harbour. So if you are interested in Aluminum boatbuilding this is a great opportunity to visit this town, and come aboard Distant Shores IV at her launch. There are tickets for the launch dinner-party + christening or if you've travelled in from a distance why not stay the night in Makkum and come for the Sunday as well. We're having a brunch on the Sunday morning after the dinner-party then a seminar on ocean voyaging and planning for ocean crossings.

Click here forMore Information about the weekend activities



Building a Custom Aluminum Sailboat Part 1 - From Plans to Plates to Assembly

Have you ever dreamed of building a custom aluminum sailboat? Follow along with the building of our custom aluminium Enksail Orion 49, Distant Shores IV. In this episode we explain the process of taking our design from plans to plates - the engineering, cutting of aluminum plates and assembly strategy for the hull using on location footage, interviews and time-lapse video.