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Shore Power - This may shock you

If you could install one single device on your sailboat that would make your boat shockproof for swimmers, prevent galvanic corrosion and also stop any worries about reversed shore-power polarity would you want one? That device would be an isolation transformer and we're going to talk about that today as we talk about shore power connections and electrical systems on sailboats.


ALUMINUM Sailboat Deep Dive

This week we do a deep dive on the hull interior of our new aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat with an informative tour by the yacht manufacturer discussing the bow thruster installation, wiring and conduits, foam insulation, water and fuel tanks, bilge pumps, welded through hulls, lithium batteries, air conditioning and the paint system.


Safe Lithium Batteries for Sailboat

This time on Distant Shores we go into depth on Lithium batteries, planning out the boat's energy storage system, and touring the Super-B Battery factory where we learn how marine lithium batteries are manufactured and tested for safety.


Boat Tour! ALUMINUM Sailboat INTERIOR Layout Enksail Orion 49 | LEWMAR Factory Tour

This time on Distant Shores we give you a full tour of the interior of our custom aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat as she is being assembled in the shop using an interesting build method outside the hull. We also make a visit to the Lewmar factory in England as we research equipment for our new boat, Distant Shores IV.


Prepare for Offshore Sailing and Emergencies at Sea!

While work continues on our new aluminum Enksail Orion 49 sailboat in the Netherlands, Paul travels to the UK to sail in the Solent and to document what’s involved in the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore course. Although we have now sailed 120,000 nm during 33 years of international cruising, Paul goes through the training in foul weather conditions, demonstrating helpful techniques for docking under sail and other maneuvers, including the use of drogues. He accepts the challenge to take the Yachtmaster exam. Does he pass?


Aluminum Sailboat Interior Plywood

This time on Distant Shores, we take you to the Netherlands, to Enksail Yachts, to show you the interesting method being used to construct the interior of our new Orion 49 sailboat. We need to come to a decision on the wood finish for our cabinetry - we're divided on whether it should be cherry or mahogany! A tour of a wood veneer manufacturing facility helps us make a decision and we learn how veneered plywood for yachts is constructed. What wood do we choose and why? Stay tuned to find out…


Aluminum Sailboat Corrosion and Survey

We've been getting lots of questions about corrosion on aluminum boats and how quality yachts deal with this issue. Today we look at some of the methods used to address this on our new aluminium Enksail Orion 49 sailboat. We also talk a surveyor who comes to see the new boat while in build to certify she meets CE specifications.


Aluminum Boat moved & Keel Welded on

This time on Distant Shores we visit the build just as the aluminum hull is completed. She moves out of the build shed and down the road to have the keel put on.

The boat is lifted up so the keel casing assembly can be lifted up and welded into place. Finally we get a look at the completed hull and deck and interior with almost all details in place.


Aluminum construction finished?

We fly to the Netherlands to see the progress on our new Enksail Orion 49 sailboat, Distant Shores IV. She is nearly finished hull construction. We get a tour of all the progress and an overview of the remaining jobs. Next stop is Germany where we check out the world's largest indoor boat show, Boot Düssseldorf.

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Ready for the Arctic?

Paul makes a trip to the Netherlands to see the progress on the build of Distant Shores IV, our new custom aluminum Enksail Orion 49 cruising sailboat. While he is there, Paul attends METStrade, the annual Marine Equipment Trade Show in Amsterdam, to speak to suppliers and learn more about the options we are considering for the boat.

At the show, he meets up with a group of other sailing YouTubers, who are either experienced Arctic sailors or metal boat owners or both. Later, this fun-loving group drive up to the Gebroeders van Enkhuizen Shipyard in Makkum to give their thoughts on whether Distant Shores IV will be a good Arctic cruising boat or not, based on their experiences. Lots of good info here!