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Getting Out There!

This week Sheryl and I had the privilege of participating in a "Google Hangout" cruising forum entitled "A Night with the Experts". Here is the link. It is currently being annotated with photos so may be offline from time to time.

Lin and Larry Pardy, John and Amanda Neal, Liza Copeland, Pamela Bendall and Tania Aebi all attended, giving an outline of their sailing history and advice for cruising sailors working towards their own adventures.

Way back in the 1980s when Sheryl and I were getting ready to set sail for our first long-term cruise, we attended a seminar with Lin and Larry Pardey (as well as read all their books) getting much valuable advice.

"Go Small, Go Simple, Go Now" has always been the Pardeys' advice, and although Sheryl & I didn't start off quite as simply as the Pardey's, we did the essential ingredient "GO"!

"GO" was also the most powerful message from this Google Hangout and was repeated by all the participants, "Go cruising!". Do not wait until everything is perfect, installing more and more equipment, getting a larger boat… Do not wait until it's too late!

This blog usually concentrates on the technical aspects of setting up your boat for cruising, and I hope will be able to help cruisers enjoy an improved and safer voyage. But do not let anything obscure the main goal "Go Cruising!

See you on the water!

warderick wells
Our first boat was a 37 footer. Small inside compared to modern boats she was simple and sailed us many miles to MANY adventures.
stern to fethiye
Two-Step didn’t have a lot of equipment when we started out. We added what we needed as we went along. The windvane and radar were only added after 2 transatlantic crossings.
Sailing Azores
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