Distant Shores

The Sailing Adventure TV Series

Dreaming of a Med Cruise?

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Save $15 - Includes All 52 programs on the Mediterranean, from Gibraltar and Spain to Croatia, Greece and Turkey.
$69.95 Includes 8 DVDs - more info Season 1-3, Season 4
Excellent quality of production and the true feeling of being out there. This should be required viewing. The Shards rock!
Bob Bitchin - Cruising Outpost
Don't be surprised if after a couple of episodes you find yourself trying to figure out a way to go cruising yourself.
Sail Magazine
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About Paul & Sheryl

Paul and Sheryl Shard are award-winning filmmakers, sailing authors, and the fun-loving hosts of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series. The Shards have been cruising internationally since 1989 documenting their experiences for television. Their programs have been broadcast on Discovery Channel, Travel Channel, PBS, Travel & Escape Channel, Women's Network and WealthTV. They have sailed to over 60 countries and colonies in North and South America, Northern Europe and the Mediterranean, the Middle East, Africa and the Caribbean. They have sailed over 90,000 nm and completed 5 ocean crossings. 

Through Paul and Sheryl's informative and entertaining television programs, magazine articles, book and seminars, thousands of sailors have been introduced to the pleasures of sailing and inspired to carry out their own dreams of sailing to exotic ports around the world.

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Upgrading the Plotter - Tech Blog

Is it time to upgrade your plotter? Sounds too expensive?

How about doing an upgrade that is absolutely free and just takes a few minute?

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We are putting Distant Shores II up for sale!

It's been 4 years since we took delivery of this Southerly 49 variable draft sailboat in the spring of 2010 and she's been an amazing boat to sail.

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Big Fish! The One that Got Away.

This week's newsletter. Big Fish! Check out this very strange situation...
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Flashback Friday!

Diving has been a big part of our enjoyment of cruising - here in the Exumas way back in the 90s. Note the huge camera! Over the years we have had 8 underwater video cameras to try to bring you the best underwater shots! Sheryl shot this with me swimming in an enormous school in a cut near Staniel Cay Bahamas.

Here is a
recent video of Turtles in the BVI (what a great aminal!!) Also lots of good underwater video through out our Caribbean Bahamas DVDs
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In Memory of Steve Black

Steve Black, founder of the Caribbean 1500 rally, began this popular sailing event in 1990 as a chance for sailors heading to the Caribbean to sail in company, attend preparatory seminars taught by sailing experts, and stay in contact at sea through an SSB radio safety net. In this excerpt from season 6 of the Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series we interview Steve as the fleet waits for weather to cast off for the Caribbean from the US east coast. Several participants also share why they love this rally. We are posting this segment in memory of Steve who sadly passed away on March 17, 2014, after a long battle with cancer. The Caribbean 1500 rally continues now under the direction of the World Cruising Club USA. Hope you get a chance to join in the fun!

See more at www.distantshores.ca
Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/DistantShoresTV

Adventures in the BVI

Sitting after dinner at anchor watching the full moon we heard shouting nearby and realized it wasn't just sailors coming back from the bar, it was "Help! Is anybody there?!!?". A cruiser was swimming by in the dark trying to catch up to his dinghy which had come adrift. But it was drifting faster than he could swim. Read More
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Sail Magazine - Nice review of Distant Shores

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Sail Magazine has just published this review in their January Issue! Nice!