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Sailing Associations

What a delight! Watching “DistantShores” is the next best thing to actually being there. My family wants to stow aboard Two-Step for the next voyage. Thank you Paul and Sheryl Shard for yet another great adventure!
Anthony C. Gardiner, Chief Commander, Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons

"An extraordinary collection of useful, practical and potentially life saving material in an equally extraordinary visual presentation."
Jim Winslow, Commodore, World Cruising Club

"...The four DVDs cover the Shards' voyage from east to west through the Med. If you have ever dreamt of sailing to distant shores, these shows are for you. Share wonderful voyages through the skillful videography and storytelling of Paul and Sheryl."
Lynne Balthazar, Seven Seas Cruising Association


“Beautifully filmed...”
Christine Shipton, W-Network Television

"Viewers are treated to a smorgasbord of people, places and customs, set against a backdrop of stunning vistas and crystal-clear water."
Frank Matys, Orillia Today

"More great how-to adventure by the Shards!"
Jan Mundy, DIY boat owner magazine