Sailing DVD Formats Downloads


Our Distant Shores DVDs are "Multi-Region" in the NTSC format.

DVD Regions:

Our DVDs are designed for worldwide playback in all DVD regions. Our Multi-Region DVDs are not restricted to either Region-1 or Region-2.


NTSC format is used in North America. Our NTSC DVDs are all commercially replicated DVDs of the highest quality. If you live in Canada or the US then our DVDs will play fine in your system.

Note that in Europe PAL system is used, however all modern PAL DVD players will also play DVDs in the NTSC format - and most but not all PAL televisions can display this converted signal. If you have any doubt, please read your manual before ordering.


All computers that have DVD players can playback our NTSC DVDs.

Video Download

If you are concerned that your system will not play our DVD you may purchase the programs as a download through Vimeo-on-Demand.
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