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Are you dreaming of escaping to exotic destinations? Hoping to sail away on a cruising adventure?

The Distant Shores sailing adventure series covers some of the world's best sailing destinations. Episodes are available as high quality HD Video downloads on Vimeo on Demand. You can buy individual Seasons or the whole series as a "Super Pack". Hours of Sailing Adventure!

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The Shards put together a great show! It's a wonderful way to see the world with a great insight into the cruising lifestyle. Top notch entertainment that will keep you wanting more Well done indeed!
Marc (Vimeo Viewer)
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From the Caribbean, Bahamas to the Mediterranean, Europe, the North America there is lots of sailing information and adventure in every 24-minute episode.

The "Super Pack" contains all episodes to download and view on all your devices or view online. 130 episodes of sailing adventure for just $99. That's only 76
¢ per episode!

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One year ago for my birthday I got the Distant Shores Super Pack. We have watched every episode - together. Probably nothing has helped us come together (as a family) on a vision more than that experience. We have learned a lot, talked a lot, and enjoyed your wonderful show.
T.B. via Facebook
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Season 10 - Grenadines, Bahamas, Transatlantic & Azores

Do you dream of exploring exotic islands under sail? Or perhaps you’re looking for a new destination for a charter holiday? How about sailing offshore or crossing an ocean? Then come along with award-winning filmmakers Paul and Sheryl Shard aboard Distant Shores II and discover some of the best sailing in the Caribbean, Bahamas and mid-Atlantic islands of the Azores.
The season begins with the magic of a summer voyage to Grenada and the Grenadines visiting Carriacou, Petit Martinique and Union Island before heading to cruising hotspots of the Tobago Cays and Bequia. Next stop is the British Virgin Islands where the Shards take you on an exciting 3-day passage to the Turks & Caicos before navigating shallow banks through beautiful water en route to remote Bahamian islands.
But the offshore adventure doesn’t end here! After seasonal maintenance in the Bahamas, Paul & Sheryl make a 5-day passage south to St. Martin in the Caribbean where they install a new solar arch and begin a 17-day transatlantic passage to the islands of the Azores. The voyage continues with a summer cruise through this enchanting mid-Atlantic archipelago, a great charter destination and off-the-beaten-path cruising ground.

Season 10 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
We bought the season pack from Vimeo and my wife and I love watching the show...Always leaving us wanting to watch the next episode... My wife said: " I'll only cross the ocean if Paul and Sheryl are with us”
Mike via Facebook
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Season 9 - French Canals, Morocco, Canaries, TransAt to Caribbean

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
Join global adventurers, Paul and Sheryl Shard, on one of their most diverse voyages ever starting with small historic canals, a Mediterranean cruise, a transatlantic passage and island-hopping in the Caribbean. The voyage begins on the north coast of France as they sail up the River Seine to Paris then transit the inland waterways through wine country south to the Mediterranean Sea. Leaving the Med they sail out into the Atlantic Ocean down the coast of Morocco to Rabat to explore the charms of this medieval port as well as Fez. Then offshore passages begin as the Shards sail out into the Atlantic to the Canary Islands which becomes the jumping off point for a transatlantic crossing where they join the Atlantic Rally for Cruising Sailors (ARC). 2800 nm later they arrive in St Lucia and begin a winter sailing to tropical Caribbean Isles. Includes the British Virgin Islands, a voyage to Saint Martin for Carnival, lush Dominica and dealing with a tropical storm in Martinique.
The season includes 13 Episodes.
Season 9 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
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Season 8 - Sailing Ireland, Scotland, Norway and Brittany Coast

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
International cruising sailors and filmmakers, Paul and Sheryl Shard, take you on a voyage north to the Emerald Isle. Then on to Scotland, where they cross the Crinan and Caledonian Canals and into Loch Ness. Next it’s north to the rugged Shetland Islands where they explore the northernmost British Isles. Midsummer means a passage to the beautiful Norwegian coastline to investigate Viking heritage and sail into the amazing Fjords.
Sailing back south we visit historic Orkney before heading to the whisky island of Islay and the Isle of Man. With winter’s approach it’s time to visit the Brittany Coast of France, a sailor’s paradise.

Season 8 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
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Season 7 - Channel Islands to Scandinavia + San Blas Islands

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
Paul and Sheryl take you aboard their new Southerly 49 sailboat, Distant Shores II, for commissioning on the south coast of England sailing to ports in Chichester Harbour and around the Solent and also try narrow-boating on English canals. Next is a shake-down cruise across the English Channel to the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Then new adventures begin sailing to Holland through the shallow Wadden Sea to discover the wonders of the Frisian Islands, then through Germany's Kiel Canal into the Baltic Sea to explore beautiful cruising grounds in Denmark and Sweden. On the return voyage, travel through the Dutch Canals from the North Sea inland to Amsterdam. This series concludes in the tropics after the Shards haul out their boat for the winter in England and fly to Panama to sail with friends through the San Blas Islands. 312 minutes.

Season 7 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
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Season 6 - Chesapeake Bay, ICW & Leeward Islands

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
If you are planning a trip south down the coast of the USA to Florida the Bahamas or the Caribbean this is for you! We voyage from Lake Ontario down the Erie Canal to New York City, then hop down the ICW bound for Florida. Along the way we meet the Caribbean 1500 Rally and talk to them about their plans for the direct Caribbean Route from Norfolk. We stay on the ICW to Beaufort, then jump to Charleston and Florida before crossing the Gulf Stream to the Bahamas. Then we jump offshore to Antigua and enjoy Caribbean cruising for a few months before returning to Eleuthera and the Abacos in the Bahamas in spring. Includes adventure in the Chesapeake Bay as well as a special episode called “Secret Places” with some hints for travellers to get the best from their trips!
Includes information on planning your own voyage on the Intracoastal Waterway and the Erie Canal. Saba, Montserrat, Barbuda and the Saintes as well as the lovely St Martin, Antigua and St Barts in the Caribbean Leeward Islands are covered in the shows as well as the Chesapeake Bay, Abacos and Eleuthera.
Season 6 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
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Season 5 - The Med to the Caribbean & Bahamas

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
Sailing adventure continues in Season 5 of the Distant Shores series with international cruisers, Paul and Sheryl Shard. In this series the Shards conclude their cruise of the Mediterranean by sailing the west coast of Italy, visit Sicily, then sell their boat in Malta. In the search for the new go-anywhere cruising boat they visit the London Boat Show, charter a catamaran in the Virgin Islands, then have their new Southerly 42 sailboat built in England where they begin a new adventure sailing south to Madeira, Canary Islands, then transatlantic to the Caribbean and the out islands of the Bahamas. Also includes an episode on the Trent-Severn Waterway in Canada.
Season 5 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
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Season 4 - Cruising in the Middle East

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
Set sail for exotic destinations in the Middle East. We join members of the Levante Basin Rally aboard cruising sailboats and motor yachts to explore the startlingly beautiful countries of the rising sun. The adventure begins with a passage from Turkey to Cyprus. Then on to ancient Mediterranean ports in Syria, Lebanon, and Israel, where Crusader castles still guard the harbours and in Jordan where Nabatean temples guard the entrance to a hidden valley. A transit of the Suez Canal bridges the gap to the Red Sea where in Egypt we dive on shipwrecks, anchor off remote desert islands, and make a 3-day trip down the Nile River aboard a traditional lateen-rigged sailboat called a felucca to see the Pyramids. Enlightening encounters as we approach the historic cities and temples of these Holy Lands by boat.
Season 4 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for HD Digital Downloads
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Season 3 - Greek Islands and Turkey - SD Download

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
Paul and Sheryl Shard sail their 37-foot sailboat north along the west coast of Turkey to Istanbul then explore the northern Greek Islands of Lesvos, Samos, Chios, Patmos and more. They then head to the southern coast of Turkey visiting Marmaris and the Turquoise Coast, finishing back in Greece to explore Rhodes. Includes segments on exploring inland, island culture and "stern-to" mooring.
Season 3 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for SD Digital Downloads
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Season 2 - Sailing Croatia, Italy and the Greek Islands - SD Download

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
The voyage into the Mediterranean continues in Distant Shores Series 2 when Paul and Sheryl head through the Straits of Messina to the Aeolian Island of Italy, then around Italy's south coast into the Adriatic Sea to explore the Croatian coast, then north to Venice. Next its on to the Ionian Islands of Greece and through the Corinth Canal into the Aegean Sea finishing in Bodrum in Turkey.

Season 2 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for SD Digital Downloads
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Season 1 - Western & Central Mediterranean - SD Download

13 Episodes X 24 Minutes
Sailing through the Straits of Gibraltar, the Shards take you to the Pillars of Hercules, first in Gibraltar (Europe) and Ceuta (Africa) then continue along the south coast of Spain to cruise the Balearic Islands where they end the season wintering in the island of Menorca. Highlights include diving on a shipwreck in the Straits of Gibraltar, haul-out in Spain, recovery of a shipwrecked sailor, and a humorous feature on "How to be a Nudist" in the Balearic Islands. Next its an overnight passage to Sardinia, through the Strait of Bonifacio stopping at the Island of Corsica, then south to the volcanic island of Pantelleria. In October they arrive in Tunisia and voyage through the Sahara by camels. Next stop is Sicily before a rough sail to the island republic of Malta to hide from winter storms. Highlights include tips on watch-keeping and passagemaking, navigating the Strait of Bonifacio, and dealing with culture shock and foreign markets.

Season 1 - Visit the Page on Vimeo for SD Digital Downloads
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Cruising the Bahamas - SD Download

If you’re dreaming of a cruise to the beautiful islands of the Bahamas this delightful film will whet your appetite for adventure while providing valuable tips for a safe and enjoyable voyage. The Shards take you to their favourite anchorages, show how to read the colour of the water, interpret the weather, and demonstrate techniques for anchoring and piloting the shallow waters of the Bahamas using unique underwater footage. 1-hour
This is a Classic video and is available in SD quality (not HD) for rental or purchase. It is still one of our most popular DVDs for the numerous "piloting in shallow water" segments

Cruising the Bahamas - Visit the Page on Vimeo for SD Digital Download
I am watching the series and have found it really enjoyable, informative and really feel that it is good value for money. Thanks.
Guy O (Vimeo)
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