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White Cay Bank Bahamas

The Bahamas have many shallow areas and we have been enjoying navigating these stunning blue waters. Yesterday we poked into the shallows near White Cay in the Southern Exuma Islands. We came in at half tide and rising when there was just 3 feet covering the sand over the entrance.White Cay1
At low tide we took the dinghy ashore to film these amazing shallow waters.
White Cay3
There is nobody here for and in fact no land either since all this sand submerges at high tide. All footprints will be wiped clean...
White Cay21
Paul sets up the camera boom to get some higher views...
White Cay2
Its a wonderful world we live in!
White Cay22
Masthead view down to the deck - although it looks very shallow it is actually 6 feet deep.
White Cay23
Here its about 8 feet deep but you can see the shallow water behind us which is the entry channel we came in at.
White Cay31
Looking onto the banks the height allows you to see the channels and cuts in the sand.
White Cay41
Sheryl explores!
White Cay51
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