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Up Island to the Saintes

An early morning departure from Dominica as we head north…
up-island - 11
Whales are occasionally seen in the lee of these islands. We were lucky and had a close encounter with a Sperm Whale - perhaps 40 feet long?
up-island - 3
He fluked as he came behind us in the morning sun…
up-island - 4
Late arrival as we come in to anchor in the last of the daylight… we know this harbour so night arrival isn't a problem.
up-island - 1

up-island - 2
Land-Ho The Saintes.
up-island - 12
New country so we have customs to deal with... Homeland Security French style? I clear in at Les Saintes islands at the self-serve clearance terminal for 2Euros.
up-island - 5
The village of Bourg in the Saintes is a real gem… we pick up a mooring for 13Euro a night…
up-island - 10
Downtown with the lovely church…
up-island - 7
Traffic jam in the Saintes… scooters and electric golf carts predominate :-)
up-island - 6
The French are romantic even with baked goods… how about a cookie called "torment of love"?
up-island - 8
Water from in the Saintes… perhaps we'll stay a day or two longer than planned…
up-island - 9

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