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Transatlantic to Saint Lucia with ARC+

Wow! 11 days (and a few hours) to cross the Atlantic! The winds were absolutely perfect with no gusts higher than 35 knots - almost all was 15-25 knots from ENE
transat_SL - 9
Main boom well out for downwind sailing!
transat_SL-a - 7
Our downwind rig with bow jibs flying - the windward one set on our Selden downwind pole…
transat_SL - 13
Main and Jib to port side and genoa poled out to starboard.
transat_SL - 1
Our sailing rig for almost all of this trip. Main on one side with a preventer, genoa on the other side on the pole, and the jib as well filling in on the same side as the genoa. More on this rig in an upcoming technical blog!
transat_SL-a - 1
A bright moon for much of the passage. Easy to sail and see the sails we always put the bimini back to enjoy the night skies.
transat_SL-a - 2
Sheryl prepared amazing meals!
transat_SL-a - 5
Lots of Sargasso Weed. We do not remember seeing so much weed on previous trips south like this. It fouled our rudders and our propeller a few times. We had to turn around and drift backwards a few meters to clear them.
transat_SL-a - 9
Our longtime Maltese friend Anthony came along to experience the transatlantic sail and "enjoyed every minute"! Our crew was excellent!!
transat_SL-a - 8
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