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Saint Martin Boatyard Party

Sunset arrival at Nevis after a great sail from Guadeloupe today. A beam reach in east winds 15-20 kts the whole way!
SXM boatyard 1 - 1
Happy Sunday from St. Maarten in the Dutch West Indies! The perfect day for relaxing in the hammock & watching the world go by. How & where are you spending the day?
SXM boatyard 1 - 2
Haulout St Martn. Bobbys Boatyard for the next week or so for annual maintenance😀
SXM boatyard party - 1
Taking time out from the boatyard to see some Heineken party action! ‪#‎seriousfun‬ ‪#‎heinekenregatta‬ ‪#‎captainmorgan‬
SXM boatyard party - 2
Costumed crews at the 3 PM bridge opening following the day's races. Simpson Bay Bridge, St. Maarten.
SXM boatyard party - 3
Paul meets the Captain Morgan crew at the St. Maarten Yacht Club.
SXM boatyard party - 4
Boatyard Sunday fun - Epoxy coat #1 on the keel so it's time to go to the beach for the afternoon. We are using International's "Interprotect 2000" epoxy on the keel.
SXM boatyard party - 5
Drinks at the Zafiro beach bar with Mojito and Heineken
SXM boatyard party - 6
Simpson bay beach great for running or a morning walk. We are staying in a room ashore while hauled out, and its a short walk to the beach!! We arrive before dawn for a walk (Paul runs)
SXM boatyard party - 7
Sunrise over SXM (thats the airport code for Saint Martin/Sint Maarten) and its back to the boatyard :-)
SXM boatyard party - 8

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