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Bahamas to St Martin in Photos

At the dock Staniel Cay Yacht Club before leaving...
GGT to SXM - 01
Our final anchorage in the cut by Thunderball Cave ready to lift anchor.
GGT to SXM - 02
First day is calm and we motor in smoothly rolling seas.
GGT to SXM - 03
The wind fills in from the North and will stay this way for the next 5 days!!
GGT to SXM - 04
We have the main and jib mostly but switch to our large genoa when winds get down below 15 knots. We hope to keep an average speed of 7 knots for this passage.
GGT to SXM - 05
Christmas decorations - solar powered lights...
GGT to SXM - 06
Sunset and clear skies.
GGT to SXM - 07
We are flying the Self-tacking Jib and a single reefed main for 60 percent of the passage. We unroll the big genoa for the other 40 percent.
GGT to SXM - 08
Charging along into 1-2 meter seas from the ENE but they are far apart and easy to sail.
GGT to SXM - 09
Sargasso weed. We are crossing the Sargasso Sea on this passage.
GGT to SXM - 10
Sheryl cooks on an angle...
GGT to SXM - 11

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GGT to SXM - 12
No moon means lots of great star-gazing - plus amazing meteors!! Turns out this was the Geminid Meteor shower and WOW did we have an amazing view. Some were so bright the whole sky lit up. On each 3 hour watch we would see dozens to hundreds of meteors!!
GGT to SXM - 13
Winds just forward of the beam, what perfect conditions?!
GGT to SXM - 14
Onwards we average nearly 180 miles per day.
GGT to SXM - 15
Admiring the sunset...
GGT to SXM - 16
GGT to SXM - 17
Rare that we can set the table to have dinner outside like this. But the wind is so predictable and there are no squalls. Baked potatoes, chopped steak and green beans... Yum!!
GGT to SXM - 18
Who is having fun?!
GGT to SXM - 19
Great sailing!!
GGT to SXM - 20
Salt spray everywhere building to thick crystals.
GGT to SXM - 21
Rafts of Sargasso weed passing often. A few times they catch on the rudders and keel and prop skeg. I can lift the keel and they slide off but the rudders are harder to clear.
GGT to SXM - 22
Anchored in the lagoon in Saint Martin (french side) we are well ready for an uninterrupted night’s sleep!!
GGT to SXM - 23

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