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Dolphin Dive in George Town Exuma

We have been anchored in George Town on Great Exuma in the Bahamas for a few days now. It feels like coming home! We have been here many times since our first visit in 1990, on our first trip south. It is a great harbour and as always is welcoming, friendly and fun!
This time we had a special treat as we have had a couple of encounters with a dolphin that visited us right in the anchorage!
This is a young female dolphin and she seems to enjoy swimming with us. Two days in a row she swam around the boat and nearby vicinity for over an hour.
She almost seemed to dance, swimming at our very slow human pace - always maintaining a discreet distance of a couple of feet. What an amazing feeling to swim up close to a large marine animal.
Our neighbours have a cute little Schipperke who is quite a good swimmer and really likes swimming with the dolphin as well!
Note this shot from down under the dolphin, you can also see the dog on the surface!

The dolphin came up close and Bella the Schipperke paddled madly along trying to catch up.
Bella is quite good at spotting the dolphin and immediately heads off in her direction.
Bella Dolphin
Getting a bit tired (after swimming for an hour) Bella hitched a ride on her owner’s back, Peter from SV Freebird...
Watch Freebird’s YouTube video showing Bella and the dolphin playing together on another day.

What a special time to have a dolphin come and play! As sailors we know are very lucky to get such experiences!DolphinVCU
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