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Strong Winds sailing through the Caribbean

Its been a very windy week ... locals call this the "Christmas Winds" and it means windy trades in the 20-25 knots with higher gusts...

We have been making fast passages hopping north from the Grenadines to St Lucia where we picked up friends Scott & Austin Swift (Singer Taylor Swift’s father and brother respectively). They sailed with us to Martinique, Dominica and the Saintes before flying out again. It was great having them on board.

Starting as we left the Tobago Cays in the Southern Grenadines we passed one of the world largest mega-yachts... that’s a real helicopter - it just looks like a model since the yacht is over 400 feet long.
Folding-out decks to launch all the boats and beach toys...
Rainy squalls meant some lovely rainbows including this nice double-rainbow.
The Saintes are one of our favourite stops
Here are some sailing pix from the trip north! It was quite breezy and a bit uncomfortable but very fast!
Some sunny patches with trade wind clouds but also lots of squalls passing
heavy sailing9
We charged along at 8-9 knots most of the time!
heavy sailing8
Paul ventures forward during a more settled patch to set up the camera at the bow and film the windy conditions.
heavy sailing7
Distant Shores II has a "bone in her teeth" as they say.
heavy sailing6
We sailed with the small 100% jib - often reefed down and sometimes full out as here.
heavy sailing4
Nevis in the background as we complete the 2nd last day
heavy sailing3
heavy sailing2
Waves do not look as large in photos ... Video shows it much more accurately...
heavy sailing1
Seas are down to 2.3 meters - 7 feet or so and winds 20-25... pleasant :-)

We Celebrate the arrival in Nevis with an excellent roast pork Sunday Dinner... gravy et al!

Then its on to St Martin where we will store Distant Shores for a few weeks as we go home to the Toronto & Chicago Boat Shows.
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