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Bob Bitchin - Not your Average Sailor

On Monday, March 10, 2014, Paul and I sailed to Soper’s Hole (West End) in the British Virgin Islands to attend the 70th birthday party of friend, Bob Bitchin, ex-biker and sailor, who many of you know as the publisher and editor of Cruising Outpost magazine (formerly Latitudes and Attitudes), presenter of the Latitudes and Attitudes TV series, and host of great boat show parties. Both the magazine and TV series celebrate the cruising lifestyle.

Sixteen guests attended, arriving by boat of course, and a good time was had by all. Since everyone was a sailor, there was a lot of spinning of yarns, tall tales, and frivolity that night!

Birthday Boy, Bob Bitchin, Publisher and Managing Editor of Cruising Outpost Magazine (formerly Latitudes and Attitudes) arrives in Soper’s Hole, BVI, aboard S/V Distant Star

16 guests arrive at Soper’s Hole in the British Virgin Islands aboard "Distant Shores II", "Distant Star" (foreground), and the catamaran "Delphine"

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 04
Paul with Bob Bitchin. We’ve worked with Bob for over 10 years contributing to his magazines as well as the Latitudes and Attitudes TV series.

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 02
Bob’s wife, Jody Lipkin, organized the party at Pusser’s Landing gathering friends together from all parts of the globe.

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 10
Cheers, Bob! Happy 70th birthday!

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 09
The most delicious chocolate birthday cake!

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 19
Lady pirates, Bob, and Charles, owner of Pusser’s Landing - a fabulous host!

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 07
Gentlemen pirates with Bob and Charles

Bob Bitchin's 70th - 08
We look forward to many more years of celebrating the cruising lifestyle with Bob, Jody and the team at Cruising Outpost magazine.

How many of you are fans of Bob’s and Cruising Outpost magazine? Feel free to comment below to wish Bob a happy birthday or post photos of your encounters with this larger-than-life sailor!

Sheryl and Paul
Aboard S/V Distant Shores II
Soper’s Hole, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
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