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Bahamas Long Island Regatta

On June 2nd we sailed back to Long Island Bahamas and anchored at Salt Pond. The Long Island Regatta runs June 4-7th. Traditional sloops from all the island groups of the Bahamas come to compete. It's the second largest island regatta after George Town with 55 boats competing this year.

Before the event this ship arrived from Nassau carrying island sloops from New Providence and the Abacos. We watched them unload all afternoon and talked to the competitors who'd had a rough 14-hour sea voyage. Everything was totally covered in salt spray from the ride. We're filming the events as part of a new episode for season 10 of the Distant Shores TV series.

Long Island Regatta_01regatta
There's a big party tonight as everyone celebrates the start of the 47th Annual Long Island Regatta.

The traditional sloops such as the B-Class “Ant’s Nest” use long boards to give the crew leverage to keep the over-canvassed boats upright. It makes for exciting racing!
Long Island Regatta_04regatta

Before the Regatta got into full swing we did a road trip with Dawn Simmons of the Long Island Tourist Board in the Bahamas. We visited Clarence Town...
Long Island Regatta_13regatta
St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Clarence Town, with its distinctive twin steeples.

And Dean's Blue Hole, the world's deepest blue hole at 663 feet. The dark blue area shows the deep water.
Long Island Regatta_11regatta

World champion freediver William Trubridge swims past the 10 metre mark in a demonstration free-dive in Dean’s Blue Hole on Long Island. We filmed with William, who offers training courses here on Long Island and he gave Paul hints to improve his free-diving technique.
Long Island Regatta

We also filmed in the spectacular Hamilton’s Cave with guide Leonard Cartwright. It’s the largest cave system in the Bahamas. Plan an hour for this fun and interesting tour.
Long Island Regatta_12regatta

You can't go to Long Island without stopping at Max's Conch Bar and Grill for Max's famous conch salad (pronounced "konk", a large shellfish). Max prepares this delicious seafood salad freshly before your eyes...
Long Island Regatta_14regatta
This seafood salad is served with Max’s homemade breadfruit chips. Wow! It’s good!
Long Island Regatta_15regatta

Back at Salt Pond we film the Regatta...
Long Island Regatta_05regatta

Sailing on B-Class Bahamian Sloop Susan Chase. What a great thrill! I filmed aboard as we practice-sailed on the way out to the starting line.
Susan Chase1regatta

Filming from out on the “Pry” the long boards used to get the crew/ballast out to balance the huge sails.Susan Chase2regatta

How it’s done!
Susan Chase3regatta

Anchored at the starting line. Rules state the boats are all lined up at anchor with sails down. When the gun goes the crew hauls up the anchor, raises the sails and sets off on starboard tack!
Long Island Regatta_03regatta

Exciting sailing in a great venue. A super time was had by all and we got great film of it all for Distant Shores episode #121!

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