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April News

2011 voyage around the UK, Norway and French Canals

Hello Friends,

Spring has sprung and preparations for a brand new season of boating have begun! Paul and I have had a great winter in the studio completing post-production on 13 new episodes for season 7 of the Distant Shores TV series. The new shows cover last year's voyage from England to countries on the Baltic Sea. (See below for info on when/where to see them on TV.)

We're just packing our bags to fly back to England for Easter to launch Distant Shores II, our Southerly 49 sailboat. This summer we'll be cruising England's south coast, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, England's east coast, then entering the French Canals in the autumn.

We invite you to watch the Distant Shores website and the new Distant Shores Facebook page for updates on this year's voyage.

Season 7 Premier of Distant Shores sailing adventure TV series on these channels:

Distant Shores is now broadcast in 24 languages around the world! Watch the new season of shows as well as repeats of past seasons on the following channels:

Travel Channel
UK: starting 20 April at 21:00
DE: starting 27 April at 20:15

EMEA: Wednesdays at 19:30 CEST
Asia: starting 28 April at 20:00 HKT
NZ: starting 30 April at 20:00
For detailed schedule go to:
http://www.travelchannel.co.uk. Click on Schedule for your region.

Wealth TV
Wealth TV kicked off the new season 7 episodes of Distant Shores this month in the USA and Caribbean. Airing new shows weekly plus repeats of earlier season's episodes. For schedule and Where to Watch:
http://www.wealthtv.com. Click on Schedule and then Search “Distant Shores”.

Distant Shores DVDs – Season 1-6 Super Pack Special
In celebration of Spring Launch we're offering a DVD Super Pack Special on all the past episodes of the Distant Shores TV series. This is the entire collection of Distant Shores from Season 1 in the Western Mediterranean all the way through Season 6 taking you through the Chesapeake Bay, Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. This Super Pack includes 14 DVDs – 78 episodes in all. $99 ($120 for PAL format). Hours of adventure and cruising information.

Distant Shores on Facebook
This month we launched a Distant Shores Facebook page. If you enjoy social networking check it out to see if you Like It.

Paul's New Boat Blog wins Best Boat Blog Award
Paul has been updating our New Boat Blog with boating safety and navigation topics as well as destination tips and has been awarded his second Tripbase Best Blog Boat Award. Congratulations! Check out the latest update at:

... offers the best for information on boat travel...insight and advice into the technicalities of setting out... also provides a more in-depth look via photo journals and diaries of their days at sea. If you're considering seeing the world from the ocean, you're in the right place ...amongst the finest blogs in our boating category for the Tripbase Awards 2011.”

Happy Boating!

Sheryl and Paul Shard
SV Distant Shores II
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