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A Brush with Royalty - HRH Princess Anne

What an exciting day!! Northshore held an official opening of their new factory and HRH The Princess Royal - AKA Princess Anne came to do the official honours. The Princess is apparently quite interested in sailing and has a boat herself. She was shown arround the factory and took quite an interest in the boats and the process of building them. She went on board a few in various stages of completion and chatted with the guys building them. Her visit is of course very tightly scheduled and even which boats she might visit had been planned. What a surprise for workers on the Southerly 42 when she decided she wanted to go down below on that one as well despite not being planned. Royalty hath it’s privileges I guess!

From there she moved on to the showroom for the official opening.

Afterwards there was a champagne reception and a chance for the invited guests to meet the Princess. Luckily we were invited guests so got a chance to say hello! What a thrill!

Was my tie crooked? Did I say something stupid? We had even purchased suit/dress as we didn’t have anything appropriate. Everyone was more than a bit starstruck afterwards.

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