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Anchored in Dollar Harbour

Dollar Harbour is at the south end of Long Island Bahamas.
Dollar Harbour
Its a bit of a tricky entrance with sand bores to avoid, but once inside there is nice sand in 4 meters depth for snug anchoring. You can see from the Navionics plot above how we are protected by the sandbanks to the north, islands to the east and west and are slightly open to the south. But although there was some surge coming from the southwest, the outer sand banks took care of that too. Calm as a millpond!
Sandbanks around protect us for a lovely sunset.
We were here 7 years ago and filmed for Season 5 of Distant Shores...
When we were here Paul said "this is so remote, no wifi no internet no nothing" (now we have 3G internet so we can post this :-) But there is still not human settlement or sign of civilization. At night it is wonderfully quiet but in the far distance you can see lights of some cottages on Long Island.
Calm night, tomorrow on across the banks towards Exuma.

Ribs purchased in the settlement of Lovely Bay Acklins Island - $6.50
Amazing sunset sky!
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