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Southerly 49 in build

While we were over in England we naturally dropped in at the factory to see the new 49! It all looks to be progressing quite well. The build started in June and will not finish until the end of December - so this is roughly the halfway point. Many of the systems are going in now and you can see quite a lot of cabinetry. This shot shows the aft cabin looking at the port side. The stainless post sticking up at the far left is the port side rudder post. Its angled inward since the rudders have an outward slant to increase their effectiveness when the boat heels.

Here is the forward cabin with the head door on the far left. In the upper right is the forward bulkhead. The 49 has a large forward storage locker ahead of this watertight bulkhead, then another bulkhead and finally the anchor locker at the bow. I think this is a great idea since it means double security in case of collisions.

This is the galley looking aft. Closest on the left is the space for the freezer to drop in. Then the sink, drawers and the stove aft of that. The 49 has a much bigger galley than we had on the 42 and the freezer will be great! Batteries go under the floor in the galley. We have gone for a bigger battery bank - 4 X 185 = 740AH (compared to 450)

One of the great things about a raised saloon seating area from a weight and design point of view is that it means a lot of heavy things can be located in the large space underneath that raised section. So Northshore has put the water, holding and fuel tanks, generator and batteries very near the center of the boat. Keeping weight central and low means the boat will perform better.
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