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ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - Stats

Sheryl and I have decided to take part in, and to document, the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers - popularly known as the ARC this year. Naturally we have been preparing for the transatlantic crossing for some time now , but now we are also getting to see what its like to get ready for the ARC. We have downloaded an ARC manual/handbook which is actually quite a big booklet with information on safety, boat equipment requirements, port information, sailing tips and MUCH more.

Some ARC statistics of interest concerning the average boat that is entering the ARC this year..

15.1Meters long - that’s 49.7 feet
  • biggest boat is the 28 meter superfast "Bristolian" ex "Mari Cha II" - its for sale too!!
  • smallest boat is 32 feet - 9.7 meters
11 years old
  • 28 boats are brand new!! - launched in 2012
  • The oldest boat is 76 years old!
  • less than 10% of the boats are cats - just 21 of 230
The average crew size is 5
  • we have 3 crew as our friend Matt is joining us from Dubai
  • if you fancy joining the ARC, some yachts take paying crew ...

So Distant Shores II is just about average - we are a 49 foot monohull (a few inches shorter) and a few years newer but with just 3 crew instead of 5.

If you are interested, here is a list of all the boats in the ARC this year
and a tracker to see how everyone is doing
.DS stern sailing
We are looking forward to getting in to Las Palmas next week to see what the preparation is all about!

Anyone out there been thinking of doing the ARC??
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