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Nautical Books

These are some of our favourite and most useful or inspirational books we have used over the years.

We are trying a new idea with "Affiliate links" here to the information on the books in our favourite nautical bookstore, "The Nautical Mind", in Toronto or another link to buy the resource. When you click the link it will open a window to their webstore.

Cruising Guides

Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands
Cruising Guide to the Leeward Islands - Chris Doyles excellent guide! Complete and frequently updated.
The Exuma Guide - Stephen Pavlidis - Excellent Detail and intimate knowledge of this lovely but challenging area!
Southern Bahamas Vol 2 - Stephen Pavlidis - Detailed and well researched.
Yachtsmans Guide to the Bahamas - Published annually since 1950!
Inland Waterways of France
Map of the Inland Waterways of France
Cruising French Waterways
Aboard in France - this is an eBook cruising guide we used in the French Canals
French for Cruisers
Shell Channel Pilot - the English Channel definitive guide. One of the most readable cruising guides we have used.
Norwegian Cruising Guide - a great e-cruising guide - it was our bible for the trip and great to have in PDF form on our iPad.
more to come - just starting with our most recent cruises


Boatowners Mechanical and Electrical Manual - Nigel Calder's bible for cruisers
Sailing a Serious Ocean - John Kretchmer's latest book with advice on storm tactics.
The Cruisers Handbook of Fishing - Detailed from-the-ground-up fishing guide
more to come